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Support Us- Help Old People!

An old age home simply referred provides a housing solution for senior citizens and take care their health. The collapse of support for joint family or high level of migration increase ratio of solely old citizens. They spend their life to earn a livelihood and now the sunset period of life they are alone. We feel very bad whenever we heard any story of solely parents so we decided to open an old age home in Dehradun. Shail Kala Evam Gramin Vikas Samiti is running an old age home in Dehradun, Uttarakhand since 2010. Currently we are searching a building for old citizens where they will spend their life and will get healthier living environment, so we are looking for some donation to build an old age home. Currently we have 2 groups of members in our old age home.

Free members

People who are alone in this world. We provide all the food, medical, entertainment, and exercise facility to these members without any cost. We have 25 members in our this group.

Paid members

We provide the best retirement home in Dehradun, It is for those members who other family member out of city or country. We take care them and provides all goods which they required we seek to have their families with them weekly. Currently we have only 5 paid members in this group.

Every Sunday we arrange a small gathering in different area and communicate with old citizens and received many suggestions related to our work and how we can improve our old age home.

Facilities Provided by Our Old Age Home

We always try to fulfill vacant of old age citizens life with special care, love and emotions. We love all members of our old age home as our parents. We spend time with them and play game and do different activities; we try to provide all facilities.

  • Monthly health check up
  • Open common space with TV. The option of having a TV in individual rooms.
  • Weekly communication with their family member which are out of city or country.
  • Foods,clothes, and other daily need goods.
  • Daily exercise and gathering at evening time with staff members.
  • Fan and cooler are available in all rooms and auditorium hall.
  • Purified drinking water.
We are running a program to save the Uttarakhand culture so that we arrange monthly activities for local artist and small children and our all members of old age home with staff join this program. This is a great time of enjoying life and make our community happy.