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Save Uttarakhand Cultural Program

Shail Kala Evam Gramin Vikas Samiti was founded by Mr. Swami S. Chandra in 1988. Mr. Chandra want to save the Uttarakhand culture and heritage, He started working in 1986 and after 2 years he opened a NGO in Dehradun. The Shail Kala Evam Gramin Vikas Samiti is working to save and promote Uttarakhand culture. Uttarakhand is divided into three main part as per the people culture. Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari. There are many type of folk dances are famous on different some well-known dances include hurka baul, Jhumaila, Chouphula, and Chholiya. Most of the dances play by men and women team. Every dance included its’ special music and song. Uttarakhand is known for folk dance, songs and music instruments. However this time most of the folk dances, songs and music at the end period of their life. So we are working to save these all.
Uttarakhand is not a rich state and there are very low resource to earn money so most of the young people are leaving Uttarakhand villages, so that the new generation don’t able to get a chance to feel the real culture of Uttarakhand. We have been working since 1988 to save the Uttarakhand culture, so every year we conduct a cultural program in Dehradun and provide a stage to young generation artist to show their talent. We started Shail Jaunsar - Bawar Sanskruti Kala Manch (6th December 2005) to promote jaunsari culture and current we are running many branches in different area of Uttarkashi, Tehri Garhwal, Kumaun, Jaunsar and Dehradun.

  • Save Uttarakhand folk dance and music
  • Record old Uttarakhand song
  • Save old Uttarakhand music instrument and record lesson how to play it.
  • Champaign county wide to promote Uttarakhand Culture.
  • Running a Library ( Shail Pustakalaya ) to collect and document information related to Uttarakhand culture.
  • Running “Lok Sanskriti Sikshan Sansthan” to promote Uttarakhand culture.
  • Running “Shail Jaunsar - Bawar Sanskruti Kala Manch” to provide a stage for local artist.
Mr. Swami S. Chandra awarded by many states government for their works. Now our mission is open an institution where any one can learn Uttarakhand culture, songs, music and other things. We are looking for some fund and volunteers who can work with us to save the Uttarakhand culture and music.